SmartHeater mobile heating unit

Efficient low cost construction heating

Zero emission

Why choose the SmartHeater®?
The innovative SmartHeater® mobile heating unit extracts
up to four times more energy than it uses from the electricity
grid by utilising energy that naturally occurs in the outside air.
SmartHeater® is a low-cost solution for construction heating and
is completely emission free!

• Substitutes heating from fossil fuels such as diesel, gas and propane.
• Uses energy from outside air and ventilation air and extracts up to four
times more energy than it uses.
• Zero emission – saving the environment and operating expenses at the
same time.
• The SmartHeater® is also well suited for stationary purposes, and can
substitute fossil fuel heating in existing buildings.
• Available in three different versions – tailored to your specific

Open flyer for more info of SmartHeater here!

For emission-free mobile heating
units and ventilation heat pumps,
please contact:
Roar Myhre
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +47 977 62 480